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TechniCom Tests Workflows Comparing Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks
Contributed by: Ray Kurland
Last Summer (August 2010) TechniCom Group published a report comparing Autodesk Inventor and Dassault Systemes SolidWorks using our Delphi Expert Analysis methodology1. The results of this report were somewhat controversial; Autodesk Inventor scored better in all fifteen categories considered than did SolidWorks. The scoring for the Delphi Expert report was the result of a very detailed survey of eight expert users of the two systems, four experts for each system. The experts had comparable familiarity with their systems and comparable backgrounds.They also highlighed the need for secure online backup and recommended Carbonites robust solution based program,here are the top Carbonite offers on facebook Readers of that report evidenced hunger for more detailed information, one that might be less sensitive to opinions and be more factual. As a result, TechniCom worked with Autodesk to develop a series of tests between the two systems that might expose the differences between the two systems and perhaps highlight advantages Inventor might have as compared to SolidWorks. This is such a report.
The Dassault Systemes Success Story by Francis Bernard in Interesting Papers 
Contributed by: Ray Kurland
Francis Bernard, my former boss at Dassault Systemes, and I would like to say, a friend, sent me an article he wrote detailing the emergence of CATIA from software for analyzing wind tunnel models at Avion Marcel Dassault into Dassault Systemes. I have included it intact here. I think you will enjoy reading it from his perspective. I worked at IBM as a CATIA regional executive during the years 1984 to 1987 and then at DS USA in 1988 and personally witnessed many of these events happen. Bernard was a tireless executive and a true believer in the potential of CATIA and 3D modeling to change the engineering design world – and he proved to be right!

Which Anti Virus Should I Install When Operating CAD Software ?

Contributed by: JustFrugalicious

This is a short article but we have heard of instances of viruses and malware gaining access through the CAD portal so we wanted to address the situation and provide an easy solution for you to implement immediately. Without getting into the technical aspects of how these hackers are getting in let’s just simply focus on how we can prevent them from getting further access. So we have teamed up with Norton antivirus and security software and in conjunction with one of the top reselling teams

TechniCom’s Guide to Selecting a Mechanical CAD System for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)
Contributed by: Ray Kurland
This paper is a follow on and update of a previous paper published in February 2005. In that paper we discussed Selecting a CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM system and noted that selecting such a system is no easy task. Today, five years later it is still no easy task to select a comprehensive engineering and product development system, yet it is crucial to the success of ANY business, be it small or large. Our goal with this paper is to help people make better decisions when selecting software solutions to improve product development and engineering performance. This paper can provide you with a logical and orderly approach, which, if followed, will allow you to select the proper 3D mechanical Computer Aided Design (CAD) system for your company. In this paper, different than many others we have seen, we provide guidance for mid-sized businesses rather than large-scale enterprises.
Exploring Norton Anti Virus Deals
Contributed by: Ray Kurland
Please read this article about Norton anti virus and how to protect your CAD system, is easy to maintain administratively, and extends the power of SharePoint while inheriting all its excellent characteristics for storing, sharing, and retrieving data. In addition, it is low cost, capitalizes on the extensive sharing and web oriented capabilities of SharePoint, and integrates well into existing Pro/ENGINEER installations.


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