What are the Latest Verizon FiOS Deals For New And Existing Customers ?

These Verizon FiOS Deals For New And Existing Customers Will Save You 20%


What’s better than subscribing to Verizon is using a Verizon coupon code? Verizon offers plenty of promos and offers when it comes to digital television, internet and voice services; it also has the hottest package around with its Verizon FiOS bundles. If you do not have Verizon yet then you better check out the following Verizon popular coupon codes online. You may also find more coupons from Verizon official site: Verizon Fios Promo Code Options 

Here a list of the top deals for Fios available right now

–Fios Triple Play starting at $79.99/mo plus $300 prepaid card +free set-top box for 1yr w/2 yr agmt

– Build your own TV plan with Fios Custom TV starting at $64.99/mo for 1 year

  • Fios 50/50 Data+Local TV+choice of a premium channel for 6 mos starting at $50/mo for 1 yr w/no contract

–Limited time offer-order online and we’ll waive your setup fee ($80 value). Offer ends soon


Where Can I get Any Of The Deals Mentioned Above?

There are numerous places that offer these deals and right now including Verizon themselves but MyDealsClub.com’s team of coupon aggregators sent me a link for our readers to get the latest Verizon Fios Deals for bundle packages of TV + phone + internet. I needed a high-speed internet for doing my Autocad drawing and this is where I found it guys.

Why Read Verizon FiOS Reviews?


What are the latest Verizon FiOS offers and discounts? If you are a new customer, how do you find out more about the latest Verizon FiOS offers and if it is available in your location? How can you tell if Verizon FiOS is right for your needs? The best way to find out all about these is by reading online Verizon FiOS reviews from actual customers.

Read high-quality reviews like the one listed below and you will be able to find out about why Verizon Fios is the best option


The latest Verizon FiOS packages


Learn about FiOS double play and triple play where you select the service that you need. You will also be able to find out the features of each service and see if this is ideal for your needs. FiOS has TV, internet, and voice. FiOS TV is all about fiber optic television with the most number of digital and high definition channels; it is all about watching TV with the best picture, audio, and TV on demand via mobile. FiOS internet is all about playing videos and downloading files faster and uninterrupted manner. A voice, on the other hand, is having a lot of features as well as interactive features with television and internet like voice mail and visual caller ID service. Without reading Verizon FiOS reviews you will never be able to find out what customers think about these packages and features and which one is a better value for your money.


Pricing of different packages


As you read reviews you will learn how actual customers compare Verizon FiOS with other companies and packages. You will find out which package is preferred because of the value that customers get out of the features as well as the content of the plan. Customers on a budget will surely love to choose Verizon FiOS plans that will provide the best features with the most savings. Bundling services together or picking just the service that you need will give you a lot of savings compared to picking one service from one company to another. Reviews usually have ratings on how pricing is and thus will give you an overview of how affordable or how expensive customers perceive Verizon packages are.



Updated features


You will also find information on the best features that makes Verizon FiOS the best among customers. Features like more premium channels on TV, mobile TV using your mobile computing devices, the fastest plans at 500Mbps download and 100Mbps upload speeds and more features for digital voice subscription. You will truly be able to decide on which service or bundle that will work for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

According to customer service

According to Verizon FiOS reviews, you will find the most helpful, efficient and dedicated customer service representatives that will help you with your account. From ordering to installation to troubleshooting you can trust that your concern will be fixed right away. No more waiting for a long time to find the answers to your questions plus you can also be sure that your account is in good hands.


Here is a list of expired deals for 2018


Get the Verizon FiOS Triple Play for $89.99 – this is the best deal for Verizon FiOS Triple Play since you will also get a huge Quantum upgrade along with a $250 VISA prepaid card with your subscription.
Get the Verizon Wireless and FiOS triple for $20 a month– this is a great promo indeed from Verizon. You will only pay $20 a month for Verizon Wireless and FiOS Triple Play and get a lot of savings from your utility budget!
Get the FiOS Double Play for $79.99 a month – this is an amazing promo from Verizon FiOS where you can get the special Double Play for only $79.99 a month! Hurry before this offer expires.
Get High-Speed Internet + Direct TV + Phone for a discounted price – this Verizon fios promo code is a bundled promo for high-speed internet, DirectTV as well as a phone which starts at $69.99 a month. You can get huge savings when you start using Verizon with all your services bundled together.
Get FiOS TV and Internet for only $79.99 a month – you will be paying only a minimal $79.99 a month for your fiber optic TV and internet connection. This bundled offer is perfect when you are looking for a television and internet offer that is just right for your needs.
Get High-Speed Internet for only $19.99 a month – don’t miss your chance to grab the fastest and the most uninterrupted internet connection that you will never find on any internet and cable company.
Get 3 Months Free and 50% off – For new subscribers, you will be able to get 3 months free as well as 50% off for 4 to 12 months. This is an unbelievable offer for new subscribers which will give them a lot of savings as well.
Get Verizon Double Play Bundles – you will get a lot of benefits when you shop only at Verizon. Double Play is double the fun and of course doubles the savings! Bundles start at $69.99 a month.
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Get High-Speed Internet and Phone for only $34.99 a month – this is a very affordable rate for the fastest, clearest and uninterrupted service anywhere for only $34.99 a month! Take advantage of this offer before it expires!
Get Up to 50% in Internet Service – this is a great offer for anyone looking for a fast, reliable and efficient internet service. You get faster download speeds and upload speeds compared to other popular brands. You can download movies, files, pictures, music videos and so much more in a fast and secure network.

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