Microsoft and CSC predictions of technology changes


Microsoft Corporate Vice President Dan Ling moderated several demonstrations of the innovative technologies currently being developed by research teams around the world that will take computing to new levels of simplicity and usefulness. These include the following:

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o Visualization technologies that provide innovative ways to visualize and explore the world, such as combining maps from Windows Live(TM) Local with other maps of bus routes or bicycle trails to create entirely new hybrid maps
o Streaming intelligence technologies that combine Web services, machine learning and sensors to help mobile devices make useful predictions and inferences, such as helping cell phones decide whether to interrupt users based on whether they’re in an important meeting or simply stuck in traffic
o Surface computing technologies that do away with the mouse and monitor and allow images and data to be displayed on tabletops, walls and other surfaces and manipulated by making simple hand gestures
o Graphics technologies that build on the lab’s long-standing expertise in graphics to create ever more realistic “virtual worlds” for users to explore using the power of computing to transform two-dimensional images into interactive 3-D experiences

“Advances in connectivity and mobility are changing everything,” said Paul Gustafson, director of Computer Sciences Corporation’s (NYSE:CSC) Leading Edge Forum (LEF). Speaking about the LEF’s new research report, “Connected World: Redefining the Geography of Business and How We Work and Play,” Gustafson says technology companies have for years boasted of “anytime, anywhere” capability, but that wasn’t really the case. “Today, we’re much closer to that goal and ‘anything’ is now part of the equation. The technology has advanced to the point that it’s really not about technology. It’s about imagination and reengineering to adapt to a new reality.”
The report examines eight trends that illustrate what it means to live and thrive in a connected world — a networked world marked by abundant bandwidth, powerful devices that leverage that bandwidth in new areas and to new users, and changing work styles and lifestyles that are more mobile. What business areas will be impacted? What will mobility look like in the coming years? Who is in the lead and why?