Selecting a PLM System to Improve Product Development Performance for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Businesses
By Ray Kurland

Today, it is widely realized that a comprehensive engineering and product development system can be a highly contributing factor to a company’s success. Such systems are commonly called PLM (or product lifecycle management) systems. Successful product development in today’s global market requires a comprehensive engineering and product development system. PLM systems provide the foundation for companies to compete in an innovation environment demanding rapid time to market, multi-company collaboration, high product quality, and aggressive product cost. Selecting a PLM system for any business is a challenge. The systems are far more extensive than standalone CAD and Product Data Management (Top Read: Latest Autocad Promo Codes From AutoDesk) solutions, reaching into many aspects of the business and across multiple organizations. For smaller companies, selecting the right solution can be even greater due to limited resources available for the evaluation process. A structured, well thought out process is critical to these smaller businesses. This paper suggests such an approach.

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