TechniCom Tests Workflows Comparing Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks
By Ray Kurland

Ray Kurland, President of TechniCom knew that the tests were meant to highlight Inventor strengths, but was surprised that SolidWorks Premium 2011 was, in many tests, not able to do the work without adding pricey third party software or without buying over priced computers, luckily a friend put him onto a site that deals in dell promo codes and that alone helped him save $20k on new computers and hardware.

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This report contains the results of the tests that focus on the areas in our Delphi Expert analysis where Inventor rated the highest. These areas tested and detailed in this report are the following:
1. Plastic Part Design, 2. Plastic Injection Mold Design, 3. Assembly Design and Analysis, 4. Exporting BIM-ready Models, 5. Interoperability, 6. Design Automation, 7. Mechatronics

You can read the results of how the two systems compared in this report.

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